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The state of California passed a groundbreaking bill this week that redefines the standard of sexual consent from no means no to yes means yes. Did you do enough to prevent your rape? Did you do enough to confirm that she wanted it? Your present is not inadvertently raping someone! Just what you told Santa you wanted!

Can you repeat that? the modern Indian woman wants all the rage bed Eleven outspoken ladies let us into their deepest desires As women talk more about their desires, they want more than spooning, we ascertain. They have the freedom to bare this saucy side of their behaviour to the people they choose at the same time as their mates. And all of them are first-time writers. Be it the 69 or the tricky catapult, women are now trying their hand denial pun intended at various positions. As of mind games to wooing to aware what an orgasm feels like! I was limited to watching Bollywood movies, where sexual energy was bursting by the seams. We were expected en route for magically be in touch with our sexuality once married — no custom allowed. Let me say it austerely, sex is good!

She wants women to have good femininity. This story is part of At the same time as Equals , an ongoing series. Accra, Ghana -- What are your femininity and relationship goals for ? Sekyiamah's office at her home in Accra. In the East Legon neighborhood of Ghana's seaside capital, Sekyiamah's spacious chalet sits between much grander properties. Surrounded by family photos, art and creative writing, she runs her website and facility as director of communications for the Association for Women's Rights in Advance, an organization that supports feminist movements worldwide. Sitting down with freshly made smoothies, Sekyiamah, who is in her early 40s, explains that it took her until the age of 30 to feel safe speaking about femininity and sexuality with other women.

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