Feature Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 14

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Read me first First things first. To make sure your device can make and receive calls, check the following: Your device shows at least two signal bars. If there are fewer, the signal is too low for reliable calls. Your line is active prepaid lines must have a balance. If you have Family Allowancesmake sure it isn't blocking calls or has time-of-day blocks set up. For information about making international calls, see Make an international call.

Troubleshooting Directed Call Park Call Park General idea The Call Park feature allows you to place a call on accommodate so that can be retrieved as of another phone in the Unified Communications Manager system for example, a buzz in another office or in a conference room. If you are arrange an active call, you can common the call to a call common extension by pressing the Park softkey. Another phone in your system be able to then dial the call park addition to retrieve the call. You be able to define either a single directory add up to or a range of directory numbers for use as Call Park addition numbers. You can park only individual call at each Call Park addition number. Ensure that the directory add up to or range of numbers is distinctive. Users can dial the assigned course pattern for example, a route archetype for an intercluster trunk could be 80XX and the Call Park add up to for example, to retrieve parked calls from another Unified Communications Manager band. You must ensure that calling examination spaces and partitions are properly configured. Call Park works across clusters.

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