Let's Talk About Sex

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There is a misconception that people with clits and vulvas cannot orgasm as easily as others. Additonally, the general culture in the United States creates a stigma surrounding female-identifying people enjoying sex. However, it seems as though what is portrayed in the media may not be the right message. People tend to look at female orgasm as the end goal. However, Velez likes to tell customers that pleasure is a spectrum. While having an orgasm is one way to experience pleasure, it is certainly not the only way.

A few of them are worried about whether or not a girl likes them, some of them are worried a propos how to ask her out arrange a date, but most of them are worried about how the dark will end. It makes sense Valentine's Day is for lovers. Here's a shock to no one: when it comes to expressing interest, many women suck at using their words.

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