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A couple years ago he decided to start approaching the event through the practice of street photography, trying to take it all in with a dispassionate eye and a willingness to let unexpected narratives unfold before the camera. A lot of his work is concerned with public and private space and public and private behavior in those spaces. Fantasy Fest is an amazing petri dish for that, fueled by myriad potent catalysts, such as sexuality, gender identity, age, body type, race and politics. Plan on stealing the show with your ultra-chic edge, created only by this hair, make-up and body design artist, world-experienced in film, theater, television and entertainment. Our talented team has won many Fantasy Fest contests with their living art pieces and we want to make you our next canvas!

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After you think of the most amusement city in California, where do you think of? Los Angeles? Santa Barbara? For me it is always San Francisco. Some people have even absent their hearts here. San Francisco is on most travelers Things to Accomplish List and for very good aim. Union Square holds one of the largest collections of department stores, boutique shops, beauty salons, art galleries, after that so on, in all of the United States.

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