What You Should Know About Texting and Datingfor Grownups

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It was only after a long hiatus from dating myself, that when jumping back into the dating circus, I found myself in the company of gentlemen that will never, ever, get a second date. Not anytime soon, anyway. Using my own experience as a backdrop, I quickly realized that many women and men get frustrated between a great or even mediocre first date and the second. So much can go wrong. And it does. But here are a few of the most common ways that we see people screwing up on date number two.

I look around for the waiter. Anywhere is he? I'm starving and avid, and he's ignoring us. She narrows her eyes and gives a air that says, If I had guacamole, I'd dump it down your pants. From her perspective, I get it: I'd deliberately changed the subject after that avoided eye contact, all because I didn't want to meet her parents. But here's the irony. I actually did want to meet her parents.

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