The best Canadian fiction of 2021

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Jack L. RozdilskyYork University, Canada Canadians need to rethink their relationship to the pandemic by learning to live in a state of continual disaster for the foreseeable future. Wildfires that swept through Sequoia National Forest in California in September were so severe they killed ancient trees that had adapted to survive fires. A climate scientist explains why wet areas are getting wetter and dry areas drier. Enjoy the environment in and find ways to help nature and communities thrive. Cavan Images via Getty Images December 27, Viniece JenningsAgnes Scott College An environmental health scholar shares four resolutions to improve your relationship with the environment — and its prospects for the future. SinUniversity of British Columbia Rapid testing for COVID is an extra safety measure that can help prevent spread of infection, and help you have a more normal holiday, especially if you are visiting vulnerable people.

Cheluchi Onyemelukwe-Onuobia is a lawyer, academic after that writer who divides her time amid Lagos and Halifax. The Son of the House is her first book. House of Anansi Press In the short story collection Glorious Frazzled Beings , human and more-than-human worlds appear together in places we call abode. Among other tales, a ghost tends to the family garden, a shape-shifting mother deals with the complexities of love when one son is instinctive with beautiful fox ears and a different is not and a daughter tries to make sense of her dating profile after her mom dies. She was awarded an emerging writer's care order at the Banff Centre. She lives in Northern B.

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