7 Real-World Examples of Business Intelligence in Use

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Business intelligence BI provides data that helps companies make timely and informed decisions. We explain how implementing BI software can give companies of any size a competitive edge. Plus, we share examples of how some of the most tech savvy companies are using BI. Business intelligence refers to the technology that enables businesses to organize, analyze and contextualize business data from around the company. BI includes multiple tools and techniques to transform raw data into meaningful and actionable information. German market research firm Statista estimates the volume of data created worldwide by will be zettabytes. This vast amount of data, or big data, has made business intelligence systems relevant for companies that want to harness its power for a competitive advantage.

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Coverage is a central facet of affair intelligence and the dashboard is conceivably the archetypical BI tool. Dashboards are hosted software applications that automatically appeal together available data into charts after that graphs that give a sense of the immediate state of the ballet company. Although business intelligence does not acquaint with business users what to do before what will happen if they abide a certain course, neither is BI solely about generating reports. Rather, BI offers a way for people en route for examine data to understand trends after that derive insights by streamlining the attempt needed to search for, merge after that query the data necessary to accomplish sound business decisions. For example, a company that wants to better administer its supply chain needs BI capabilities to determine where delays are episode and where variabilities exist within the shipping process, says Chris Hagans, assistant president of operations for WCI Consulting, a consultancy focused on BI. So as to company could also use its BI capabilities to discover which products are most commonly delayed or which modes of transportation are most often catch up in delays. The potential use cases for BI extend beyond the archetypal business performance metrics of improved sales and reduced costs, says Cindi Howson, research vice president at Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm. She points to the Columbus, Ohio, discipline system and its success using BI tools to examine numerous data points — from attendance rates to apprentice performance — to improve student culture and high school graduate rates.

Although the core definition of business acumen BI has remained relatively the alike over the past years — using data to make good business decisions — how businesses use BI has changed quite a bit. Examples of business intelligence in use vary broadly because, over the past two decades, BI technology transitioned from highly expert tools that expert teams use en route for more user-friendlycloud-based software. But the finest way to explore these benefits is through specific examples of business acumen in use. Below are seven companies using business intelligence to not barely make good business decisions but additionally to shape the future of their respective industries. The goal is en route for make better decisions about your affair by utilizing your data in add efficient and effective ways. According en route for Solomon Nash and Paul Grayprofessors by Kennesaw State University and Claremont Accommodate University, a business intelligence system consists of data gathering, data storage, acquaintance management, and analysis. And the finest BI tools automate much of the system we outlined above, allowing employees to focus their efforts on assay and taking action. The companies so as to benefit most from using business acumen tend to be those that call for their employees to make independent decisions quickly. This makes it a able fit for startups, data-centric companies, after that companies looking to grow rapidly.

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