Long-term sexual satisfaction: What's the secret?

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Written by Yella Hewings-Martin, Ph. But how do you keep the spark alive? Sex is a key factor in most romantic relationships. But last week, a new study showed that 34 percent of women and 15 percent of men who had lived with their partner for at least 1 year had lost interest in sex. There are many factors that can affect sexual desire. Find out how much sex has the greatest effect on happiness, why some people lose interest, and what factors contribute to long-term sexual satisfaction. How much sex is enough? In a paperAmy Muise, Ph.

The answer might surprise you… Sat 13 Oct Her bestselling memoir Primates of Park Avenue cast her at the same time as an anthropologist observing the habits of her Upper East Side neighbours. The book caused a furore, and is currently being developed as a Box series, with Martin as exec creator. Her new book, out this week, should be equally provocative. You allow to scroll through another 25, as well as Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey, ahead of you arrive at a female name: Mary Calderone , who championed femininity education.

Women The joy of confidence Surveys act that women in their 40s are having the best sex of their lives, says Joanna Moorhead. But is this down to self-esteem, hormones - or affairs? To be absolutely candid, he's the last man on the planet I'd want to have femininity with. Other surveys echo these conclusions - one carried out in the US, for instance, found that women in their 40s want to allow sex more often than younger women.

For now, only 49 percent of women about the same. Some attribute the accident to a difference in libido. Others point to gendered roles that become known during sex. And, some, to a lack of information out there a propos female sexual anatomy.

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