'Like someone flicked a switch': the premenstrual disorder that upturns women's lives

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Occasional itching around the vulval area external female genital area can be common in teenagers as they go through puberty. Genital skin is very delicate and needs to be treated gently. Sometimes, irritation to the skin in the area can cause pain, which may be a condition called vulvovaginitis. The symptoms are usually not serious and improve naturally.

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A good number women experience symptoms of bloating, exhaustion, cramps, headache, digestive problems and air swings before and during their menstrual cycle. One of the best behaviour to prevent and treat these symptoms is via a healthy diet, which can also aid general health after that overall well-being. Calcium: Include atleast individual food item with calcium in your diet every day. A glass of soya milk or curd is your best option.

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