Top 10 Country Cheating Songs

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The latter are a sort of specialty in the genre, with some of its most iconic tunes focusing on the subject of cheating: being cheated on, doing the cheating, reasons for cheating. Country music's cheating songs are told from the viewpoints of the mistress, the spouse involved in the affair and the dejected one. They range in feeling, from fiery anger to tongue-in-cheek confidence to deep and sorrowful heartache. Some have been around for decades, while others are a bit newer -- but they all focus solely on the subject of cheating though country music also has some hit revenge songs! Read on to learn The Boot's picks for country music's best songs about cheating. The variety of these tunes shows the versatility and relatable nature of country music: 10 Alan Jackson Who's Cheatin' Who was originally recorded by Carly McClain in and became her first No. Almost two decades later, Jackson released the same song on his record Everything I Love, and it peaked at No.

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