Man convicted in ‘sexsomnia’ case released on bail as he awaits latest appeal

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For the second year in a row, I am turning over the blog to guest posters for the month of December. Most posters will include links to their own sites if you want to follow up with them. So, I wish you all the best of holiday seasons—peace, prosperity, good health, and a fabulous start to See you in the new year! For the list, see the end of this blog. After many years of researching medieval and early Tudor Yuletide celebrations, I have concluded that our ancestors were as schizophrenic about the season as we are. On one hand, it was a religious age, and a religious holiday. Before Christmas, Advent was a time of prayer and fasting, though to be honest, a medieval fast was not the absence of all food and drink, and the Advent fast was not as severe as that for Lent. Meat, fowl, butter, and cheese might be prohibited, but seafood and eggs were not.

Alarm me about debates like this. So as to this House has considered automatism at the same time as a legal defence. It is a pleasure to serve under your chairmanship, Mr Owen. I can see you are smiling at that, Mr Owen. This is a difficult subject. We may raise them in a governmental question in the main Chamber, although when we want to go addicted to something in a bit of concentration, this Chamber is the right atmosphere in which to do so.

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