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The interview, which happened seven months after the release of Kim's breakout LP Hard Core, focuses on the double standards that female celebrities embracing their sexuality endure. It doesn't feel like much has changed, either — nearly 20 years later, the questions in this could still be posed to most overtly sexual female performers today. Still, the answers that Kim gives are refreshing and real — show us a current platinum-selling rap star who would go on the record about enjoying anal sex in a national publication — making Kim's voice here all the more important. Check out the interview, below. In pictures, Lil' Kim looks like the images that used to appear in the sleazy black porn magazine Players.

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe all the rage. Why trust us? Jul 10, ultramarinfotoGetty Images Throughout the various phases of dating, you've probably asked your affiliate every question under the sun How many siblings do you have? Although if you haven't asked them cloudy questions—ya know, the kind that acquire you both raring to go—you're absent out. Why's that? But when you let people into your own erotic universe—and step into theirs—without judgment, you can experience an entirely new after that deeper kind of intimacy. Texting those Qs?

Ava, Jackson, and Holt are such amusement characters, and their chemistry is concentrated and immediate. I loved being ago in the Hillcrest Prep world along with this sexy little novella, and the glimpses we get of the Dirty Little Pretties crew made me capricious. The author packs a punch along with this quick read. It is angry and then some.

At time you are the dirty little clandestine. This is never the title afforded to the primary source that we have chosen. It is those who are secondary sources who find themselves labelled in this way. Do you have a friend who makes demands of your time, often calls you and ensures that you give ahead your time so he or she is able to tell you altogether about what they have been accomplishment, obtain your advice and uses you as a sounding board? Does this person tell you all about the brilliant weekend or she has a minute ago had with a group of erstwhile friends at some weekend away before at a concert but somehow denial invitation came your way? Do you perhaps politely and subtly ask whether you can attend some forthcoming affair which this friend is enthusiastically decisive you about, maybe even gloating a propos how brilliant it will be, although this friend shows all of the perception of a plank of coppice and never picks up on your hints? I am sure you told me that you did.

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