Lessons Learned from Snowden's former NSA boss: Strategies to protect your data

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So how does the First Amendment come to apply to mass surveillance? To understand this, we need to begin with a little history of the civil rights movement. It directly recognized that freely associating for advocacy or other purposes is a fundamental right. In short, we all have the right to engage in associate with one another and to join and communicate with political and religious groups free from government surveillance. As our society has moved online, our associations have become digital in nature. The surveillance of our communications systems, and thereby the surveillance of our communications, infringes on the very rights of private association upheld by the Supreme Court in So while the Fourth Amendment concerns about and mass surveillance are important, they are not the only problem created by the law.

Domestic vulnerabilities cannot be ignored. As a trusted and cleared contractor at NSA, Snowden extracted millions of top clandestine documents and released them to the world. In this presentation you bidding hear the inside story of the Snowden affair from his former boss about, Steven Bay, and the lessons we learn from it from a cybersecurity perspective. You will develop a advance understanding of who insiders are, why they do what they do, after that strategies you can deploy to advance protect your organization. Want more tech news? You will be able en route for personalize and enlarge the screen. You can enlarge any tab to its full size by dragging from the bottom right corner, or by clicking the green button on the acme, right? With the media player arrange the side, left left side of the presentation window.

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