Finding Your First MFM Job After Fellowship

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Most of the recommendations apply for either university or non-university jobs. However, where a recommendation applies to one or the other, then it is specifically noted. It would have helped when I became responsible for making the final decisions when I went out in practice. I wish I had thought about what skills I needed to have in my toolbox when I went into practice, and focused on learning them during my fellowship — some of these include fetal echo, CVS, 3-D ultrasound, cesarean hysterectomy, critical care, etc. Toolbox skills required for university practice but still important in community based employment includes skills in presentation, writing, generating ideas, study design, and statistics. I wish I had taken every opportunity to select more than one mentor and wish I had spoken frankly to my mentors from various walks of MFM life private practice, academics and research early on about the pros and cons of a career choice. I wish I did not spend so much time worrying about the politics of my institution and spent more time learning.

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