‘And Just Like That’ Recap Episode 4: New Friends

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History[ edit ] Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend premiered November 18, , after O'Brien's talk show was on break and being retooled from an hour-long format into a half-hour format. Accordingly rejoice, America. Sona returned on the episode released October 10, , the same podcast where Gourley announced he would be taking a month-long fatherhood leave. The majority of the podcast is then a casual interview amid O'Brien and the guest. Writing designed for Rolling Stone , Matt Saincome listed it among the best new podcasts of Instead of the heavily choreographed late-night talk show conversations, listeners are treated to a much more at risk, behind the scenes vibe from O'Brien. The dynamic between him and his assistant Sona Movsesian helps with this. The relationship is endearing and serves as a springboard for the listener to get to know Conan advance, by hearing how those around him see him.

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