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But when did the word dude become a title to aspire to? When I was growing up, dude was a word to denote a somewhat prissy man concerned with nice clothes and clean fingernails. We even used the word as a verb:. In the context of the Wild West, a dude was an inexperienced Easterner or European being introduced to the rougher manners of the frontier. The first documented use of the word is from The OED citations indicate that it originated as American slang to describe young men who affected the dress, manners, and speech of an English gentleman.

Associate and share knowledge within a definite location that is structured and at ease to search. The usage I'm accepted wisdom of is that dude nowadays is used primarily as a way en route for address a person very colloquially, e. Again as in the other guys case, it might be culturally adequate to say dude to a lady, but I'm not sure, and it feels a little wrong and has for 30 years. Australians have bruce and sheila I hear from the movies but that just doesn't dash in AmE and maybe that's before now out of fashion. What do Californians say as dude in my account seems to come from there? Can you repeat that? do the surfers say? The Online Slang Dictionary.

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