Importance Of PPE In Elderly Care Homes

personal protective equipment includes any form of protective clothing or items worn to decrease the risk of injury or infection. Great examples of PPE are hospital gowns, gloves, boots, respirator masks with eye protection, surgical grade masks, shoe covers, full body suits and so on. This year, the use of Personal Protective Equipment has gained traction in various institutions around the world and the same goes for various hygiene products. In the wake of the corona virus pandemic, the use of protective gear and hygiene products is mandatory especially among hospital personnel and care givers in various institutions. Proper hygiene practices include washing their hands with soap and water on a regular basis, using alcohol-based hand sanitisers and disinfecting different work surfaces on a regular basis. But why is it important to use PPE in elderly care homes?

Extra information about personal protective equipment

Protecting the care givers

In order for the caregivers to perform their jobs well, they must be physically and mentally fit. This means that they must take precautions to minimise the risk of infection by using Personal protective equipment as well as different hygiene products. The caregivers are exposed to various diseases and infections on a daily basis and therefore taking care of themselves is necessary.

Lower immunity among the elderly

As we age, our bodies' immunity and therefore resistance to various forms of infections and diseases decreases. This is especially the case if the individuals concerned did not give much thought to health and fitness related activities in their younger days. The lower immunity among the elderly people in various care homes makes them highly susceptible to the corona virus disease as well as other diseases. By wearing PPE, the care givers not only protect themselves but also their patients.

Underlying conditions among the elderly

The ongoing global corona virus pandemic has been harsh on people with underlying conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, respiratory diseases and so on. Unfortunately, the elderly form a higher percentage of the people with underlying conditions globally and this increases the risk of succumbing to the disease. Therefore, there is a greater need to protect them from contracting the disease by ensuring proper use of PPE and practicing good hygiene practices in all care homes.

The use of PPE in care homes is not only restricted to the care givers. All staff members must use the PPE to protect themselves as well as the clients. In addition, any visitors to the facilities must also use PPE and practice good hygiene practices at all times to minimise the spread of the corona virus disease.