Intercultural Innovation Camp

Summer-Workcamps in South-East Asia for “Intercultural Competence”

The iiCamp currently provides project based summer camps in Cambodia, Indonesia and Japan and was created by the NPO YouCan Trust in 2010. iiCamp stands for “Intercultural Innovation Camp” and promotes intercultural educational opportunities to develop “Intercultural Competence”. If you are interested in a unique and beneficial experience in Asia, just look around the website. Maybe this iiCamp is just the right thing for you!

Intercultural Innovation Camp for intercultural competence in Asia


Are you are a  student, in vocational training or already have first-hand professional experience and you want to spend an exceptional time abroad? If you are interested in other cultures, and would like to work in a team environment, whilst having the chance to take responsibility in projects, then you have come to the right place!


Intercultural Innovation Camp for intercultural competence - locations

iiCamp Locations

The iiCamp invites you to extraordinary places and brings you together with like-minded people from different cultures. From Yogjakarta, the most popular University campus in Indonesia; to Siem Reap, town south of the ancient Angkor temple and Tokio with its vibrating (pop) culture. In all of our locations you will work together with a team on unique projects. 


Intercultural Innovation Camp, internatonal summercamp for intercultural competence - Registration


In this section you will find price information for participation in the iiCamp, the conditions, the possibilities for funding and our registration form.

You can register directly online or if you prefer we also offer you other ways to register for our next iiCamps in 2015.


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Experiences that change you!
Projects that enable you!

“The Intercultural Innovation Camp is a very good idea and a great initiative.”
[Prof. Dr. Manzenreiter | University of Vienna]

“Back in Germany I realize now, how the particular experiences have changed my personality, my views and my actions”.
[C. Dieffendahl]

Intercultural Innovation Camp | Projects

Projects in the iiCamp

An Integral part of iiCamp is that we provide project based experiences. Our projects are designed specifically for each camp, and each year new projects are developed to challenge our campers even further! Close ties and joint development with the country, enable the best projects to be thought off- suiting the the local community, its culture and the people during the iiCamp.


Competence Certificate - iiCamp


In the iiCamp you will be taught by special coaches who will help promote your skills and make them visible. The set-up of the programs is developed in a way, that different competencies will be visible through challenging project experiences.


Internship | Intercultural Innovation Camp

Internship abroad

In certain circumstances the iiCamp is also recognized as an internship. In universities, the approval depends on your study subject and the rules of the university. Contact your universities’ careers office to check whether the iiCamp is recognized as in internship in your country.